Developing Your Professional Portfolio

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Developing Your Professional Portfolio: Publishing Your Practice and Research

Course Code:   ANLTC 2012/03

 Venue:                 Glenroyal Hotel Maynooth

Date :                     Tuesday 15th May 2012, 9.30 – 16.45

Places:                   30

Cost:                       €120  (The places allocated for the unwaged are now full 5 May 2012)

Target Audience:             Library Staff who are writing or wish to write for publication and library staff who wish to hear about their peer’s library research and practice.

Description:  This seminar will provide an opportunity to:

  • Hear  about published research and practice from library colleagues
  • Get insights from a university librarian on the value of academic writing to both the development of the library profession and to individual professional development
  • Explore using professional writing and other activities to develop a professional portfolio
  • Learn from the experiences of the participants, how to:
  • Craft “everyday” work experience into publishable articles for professional and  peer-reviewed journals and conference posters
  • Explore how to develop an article for a peer-reviewed journal from a dissertation or
  • Identify which data to routinely collect from practice and determine an appropriate level of data collection to use as evidence/results in articles/posters
  • Hear experiences of colleagues in dealing with a variety of journals and journal publishers
  • Demystify the peer-review process
  • Gain insights into which journal/conference might be “best” for your article/poster
  • Explore whether to write in library journals and/or journals from other disciplines and
    whether to co-author or write alone
  • Learn how to develop productive writing practices

Poster Exhibition:  Both attendees and speakers will have the opportunity to exhibit posters, if they wish, and some time will be allocated during the day for the viewing of posters.


Academic writing bibliography

A joint use library

Collaborative writing

Plotting your way

LAI and professional development

Crafting an article

Publishing medical literature